You believe in your programs and initiatives and you want them to attract attention, influence and impact. You’re not limited by what you’ve done before, and you know more is possible.

Welcome. I’m Mia Scharphie the founder of Creative Agency. I’m a systems thinker and a changemaker with a creative soul. I’ve been building community around social issues for as long as I can remember, and deeply believe in the power of the creative and the visual to capture hearts and generate excitement and interaction.

I started Creative Agency to help impact-focused organizations get their messages heard and take their programs and initiatives to the next level. Whether it’s campaign, a series of webinars or a training kit, Creative Agency’s comprehensive graphics and strategy that help you connect with your community and make the ultimate impact you’re seeking.


I know you have transformative insights and resources. I just want to see them get into the hands of people who can use them.

My Story

I was organizing gender discussion groups in high school, and sustainable arts sales in college. I’ve always brought people together around issues I cared about in creative ways.

I’ve always been interested in how change gets made.

After working in the nonprofit world and earning a masters from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, I was drawn to research and visualization as a way of making complex systems easier to understand and to make change within. Time in the startup world while a resident at the Harvard Innovation Lab introduced me to nimble ways of testing ideas and making impact, when resources are tight.

Realizing that storytelling and community building was central to getting change made, I transformed these ideas into action founding a women’s empowerment workshop that is regularly sold out, and a speaker series for local businesses. I teach communication and community engagement at the Boston Architectural College and help creatives think like changemakers, and changemakers think creatively.

I’m known for bringing playfulness, beauty and personality to social issue-based campaigns, without sacrificing the meaning behind the message.

Lakshmi Ramarajan

“What a wonderful partner to work with both intellectually and practically. Creative Agency simplifies ideas and makes them easily accessible and compelling to many different audiences, and brings novel and insightful ideas to the table.”


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